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22 january 2018

World Sight Day

Dear friends,

It’s no secret that many of you spend a lot of time looking at screens, whether it’s on a computer, laptop, tablet or phone. Today is World Sight Day. I’d like to share some useful tips with you to help preserve your eyesight while you work or play on the computer. Please remember these simple rules and try to follow them!

  1. Computer screens should not reflect sunlight or light given off by indoor bulbs.
  2. The distance between the monitor and your eyes should be approximately 50–75 cm.
  3. Do not forget to rest and take short breaks away from your computer. Try not to stare at the monitor continuously, as this will tire your eyes.
  4. Your monitor should not be too bright or too dim compared to the room lighting. It should be comfortable for your eyes to look at the screen.
  5. Believe it or not, you can forget to blink when sitting in front of a computer, especially if you are watching or focusing on something very interesting. However, blinking is very important for our eyes! When you blink, your eyes are cleaned and moisturized. If you do not blink often enough, your eyes may become red, itchy or even painful.

Vision protection should begin in childhood, so it is important to remember these rules. Be sure to observe them each time you sit at your computer!

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