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Episode 1 - It's all that Banny's fault
Let’s not quarrel now!

Something is going wrong in the house: someone has been breaking plates and personal things of Einstein, Patch, Roxy, and Foxy. Who is it? ‘It’s Bunny’, answers Pup. And he says so every time something bad happens. Everybody starts to understand that Pup blames Bunny for his own wrongdoings. Patch decides to teach Pup a lesson, he makes Pup believe that Bunny is alive and tells Pup to stop doing wrong. That impresses Pup a lot and he changes his mind, so that from now on he is not blaming Bunny anymore. He admits his faults....

The Pooches

The Pooches is a joyful dogs’ family living in the modern world. The Father will not part with his laptop, the Mother has not given up on her big stage dreams, as for the children – they are just like their audience and each has got a unique personality. Read more...

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