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Episode 3 - Intergalactic Society
This will be a dramatic experiment!

Einstein experiments with his mp3 player, while Patch is watching. But the experiment fails and Einstein’s player is broken now. To try again Einstein needs a new mp3 player. Patch has one, but he would not give it to Einstein, because he saw what just happened. To convince Patch to give him the gadget, Einstein thinks of a story about aliens who contacted him. He tries to spark Patch’s interest by his favourite subject: Patch could play in the intergalactic football championship if he gave up his mp3 player. But Patch turns out to be brighter than Einstein has expected....

The Pooches

The Pooches is a joyful dogs’ family living in the modern world. The Father will not part with his laptop, the Mother has not given up on her big stage dreams, as for the children – they are just like their audience and each has got a unique personality. Read more...

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