Season 1 - Episode 1 - The Bee

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Episode 1 - The Bee
Just one kiss, and Mum will let me do it!

A bee flies into the Pup’s room. He has a question about the insect and turns to Einstein for help. But the bee starts to fly all over the house and scares all the brothers and sisters. Everybody wants the bee to leave, so they try to catch her. It seems like this mess will never end, when Pup comes up with a solution. A drawing of a flower, Roxy’s fragrance and Foxy’s jam make the trick!...

The Pooches

The Pooches is a joyful dogs’ family living in the modern world. The Father will not part with his laptop, the Mother has not given up on her big stage dreams, as for the children – they are just like their audience and each has got a unique personality. Read more...

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