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Что нового?

04 December
Game news

Christmas Poochies are already on their way!

Christmas Poochies are already on their way!

What is December? Why, a shortcut to Christmas, of course!
No matter what the weather outside is like, it's a jingling bell that assures magic is on its way! 
And Poochies in the App Store will help you embrace the spirit of the season the very moment it shows up in the app list.
Here's what we prepared for you in the holiday update: 
- A new Christmas-themed main menu;
- A separate pitch for Soccer Tournament with plenty of snow and a Christmas tree;
- A new Christmas icon for the Poochies app;
- Free Christmas attire;
- The familiar short title for our app is back.
Guys! Can you feel the approaching holidays? And can you feel the approaching Christmas Poochies for iPods and iPhones?

08 November
Game news

«Soccer» Birthday: Get Poochies For Free!

«Soccer» Birthday: Get Poochies For Free!

Something nice is going to happen soon, but what? Here — Mom's baking orange cookies! But there won't be anything left once we have eaten them. What else? A new comic with cool characters and colorful pictures is coming out. But it'll be gathering dust on the bookshelf once we have read it. There should be something special, something that happens only rarely and can be remembered, right?.. A Christmas party? A birthday party? Wait. That's it! It's a birthday! «Soccer» has a birthday!!! I almost forgot! We're going to have a party on 9 November, nail my shoes! 

And it was me who gave the developers an idea for the perfect present — I read a whole bunch of your letters, and you asked us to make Poochies free so many times! So I sorted these letters and handed them over, and the developers said: «Patch, tell your friends that they'll get a present for the «Soccer»'s birthday. We're giving Pooches away for free». Can you imagine how cool that is?! So here I am telling you all that.

Let's go to the field together! Call your friends, show the game to grandmothers and grandfathers. What if they are our champions and we just don't know it? We must find out! And Foxy will be glad to have some help in the kitchen, she's done dishes so many times — that's enough for everyone. Pup will be happy to meet new friends, too!..

But don't think I'll let you go meet them that easily. We should prepare for the championship! I'm going to make you best players ever! Superb strikers, diligent defenders! Let's go train with other tournament teams, because the party is about to start!

The party will be here from 7 to 9 November, this weekend. It is starting... No, wait, it has already started! If you don't believe me, visit
App Store or Google Play and download Poochies FOR FREE!!!

02 November
Game news

The long wait is over — «Poochies Soccer» is now available from the App Store!

The long wait is over — «Poochies Soccer» is now available from the App Store!

It finally happened! An app with the very best Poochies games has appeared in the App Store.

People who haven't yet got Poochies may download the game for 33 roubles, and those who have already done so just need to update the app. You do remember that you only have to pay once, right? All future updates will be delivered to your gadget for free!

And the best thing is that there are many more updates to come! Let's play together!